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Edil A.S.V
30 April 2014 @ 04:37 pm
Wondering if someone is still around here? From the people I once knew....

As you can all see, I am still alive.... pretty much alive.
Edil A.S.V
14 May 2007 @ 05:42 pm
The update with pictures from the trip will be up shortly! I promise... however, this is a quick entry to inform people about my new thing:


H2O... sworn enemies, counterpart, rivals of the PMS Clan, yet... the strongest supporters for the PMS group. Both the PMS/H2O are in the same division, but when dealing with online gaming... they are the biggest of rivals. Now, let's see how PMS SlayerAlpha will be facing the news of having the H2O Meister (The UnknownPrince did not fit) behind her to show her who's the master.

Darkness must mimic Light in order to survive... don't you think?
Edil A.S.V
24 August 2006 @ 02:58 pm

As you can all see, my livejournal is now Friends-Only. It took me days to individually edit every single entry since back in 2003 to make this happen. Unfortunately, you will all have to log in in order to check out whatever entry I write down in here.

And as for the reasons... I will be writing down information that can only be trusted to people I know and people I trust. If I added you as a friend, I trust you. This information can be related to video games, the industry in general and pictures of events and people. Since I am now a freelance video game journalist (and will be trying to grow in position) at some point, I will most likely share information, pictures and stuff I can only show to friends and people I trust. 

Another reason for this jump, is because I had confirmation that an individual I don't like has been reading my entries religiously. Nothing here for that person's benefit... but I don't want undesirable people reading whatever happens in my everyday life. This, is also somehow linked to the first reason I wrote above and with some other reasons I don't feel to discuss in here.

Are you a complete stranger and you want to be added in here? Feel free to contact me via AIM under "OrbitalFAnubis" and earn my trust with time. A comment here may not be enough, but it can be considered anyways.

                                            Edil A.S.V
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